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I wanted to be a doctor, studied a BSc (Hons), now I work in IT


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  • @SneM Compared to other degrees (like engineering for example), medicine doesn't actually have the highest academic requirements - The problem is that there is a lot of competition for limited spaces and that's actually what makes it difficult to ge…
  • @Siphesihle Hi there and welcome to the forum. I am not an official Wits representative but I'm pretty sure that you will want to present the best of version of yourself in every part of your application. The competition to get into GEMP is very tou…
  • Hey @ayandaxo welcome to the forum. This community is still quite small and getting going, so thank you for being one of the first contributors. I trust that soon there will be more people who can engage in helpful conversation. Sorry I don't have a…
  • There are no plans for the next mock WAPT session at the moment. I will post an update if I hear anything.
  • Hi there Tee, welcome to the forum. It looks like there was a mock WAPT session run earlier this year: It does mention that it's the 'first' one so that suggests there might be another one ... I will see if I can find more information.