Early offers for GEMP in 2018?

edited December 2017 in Wits GEMP
Hi guys. I would kindly like to ask if anyone has been granted early offers for GEMP programme this year?


  • Hey @ayandaxo welcome to the forum. This community is still quite small and getting going, so thank you for being one of the first contributors. I trust that soon there will be more people who can engage in helpful conversation. Sorry I don't have any info on offers for GEMP in 2018 myself, but I will certainly let you know if I hear anything and want to wish you all the best for your 2018 application.
  • Hey Ayandaxo..I have also been waiting for the response. The wait is not nice but hoping for the best. I haven't heard of anyone who got a response. Hopefully they will respond us soon. All the best.
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