The Backdoor into Medicine

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'Unsure about your future in a medical career? Find out what Matt has to say about the GEMP, the backdoor into medicine you probably didn’t know about.

I am a 5th year student at The University of the Witwatersrand. My journey into medicine, however, may not be what one would expect. This article is aimed at educating you on the so called “back door” into medicine and why I think it may be helpful for those unsure of their futures in a medical degree.

Before we look at the other options to get into medicine, let’s take a look at some of the requirements to apply to medicine.

It’s important to realise that being a doctor is a lot more than just being “book smart”, that said, to get into medicine it is crucial to have your academics in order. For instance, at Wits, your entry is based on a composite index. This index is made up of:

  • Your academic results for 5 subjects (English, Mathematics, Physical Science and the best two others)
  • National Benchmark Test scores

Furthermore Wits has recently decided on a new selection criteria and they are as follows:

  • 40% of places go to the top academic students
  • The remaining 60 % are distributed as: 20% of places go to top rural learners, 20% of places go to the top students at quintile 1 and 2 schools (these are schools deemed to be the poorest government schools in the country), and the last 20% go to top African and Coloured students.

On top of this, Wits receives about 25 000 applications for medicine each year so getting in can be quite challenging when you consider a class consists of about 300 students.'

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