Meeting Requirements

Im glad I found this blog. Had a rough journey during my Bsc Hon degree. I recently applied for GEMP however, I can see lot of people have been mentioning +75% Averages. I want to ask if you meet minimum requirements, Got 60 and 61 for my last to years (could've done better but got sick), will I have slim chance to get in even if I obtain good marks on WAPT? Or Maybe one can advise me to just let it go? Im currently working but I really want to do Medicine or Pharmacy (plan B).



  • "Two"
  • @SneM Compared to other degrees (like engineering for example), medicine doesn't actually have the highest academic requirements - The problem is that there is a lot of competition for limited spaces and that's actually what makes it difficult to get in.

    So you really need to outshine the competition in whatever ways you can, but you also need a bit of luck I think. There are no guarantees and you'll never know unless you try...
  • Thank You @RichardM I'll give it a try and with faith I will get in. I'll update you later this year.
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