Early offers for GEMP in 2018?

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Hi guys. I would kindly like to ask if anyone has been granted early offers for GEMP programme this year?


  • Hey @ayandaxo welcome to the forum. This community is still quite small and getting going, so thank you for being one of the first contributors. I trust that soon there will be more people who can engage in helpful conversation. Sorry I don't have any info on offers for GEMP in 2018 myself, but I will certainly let you know if I hear anything and want to wish you all the best for your 2018 application.
  • Hey Ayandaxo..I have also been waiting for the response. The wait is not nice but hoping for the best. I haven't heard of anyone who got a response. Hopefully they will respond us soon. All the best.
  • Hi guys.... so glad i bumped into this page 
    I wanna know what do they most consider at the GEMP  is the WAPT  or previous academic perfomance.
  • @Siphesihle Hi there and welcome to the forum. I am not an official Wits representative but I'm pretty sure that you will want to present the best of version of yourself in every part of your application. The competition to get into GEMP is very tough and candidates who show good academic performance in both the WAPT and their academic record should be the most attractive applicants. My opinion is that there is an aspect of good fortune / favour as well and unfortunately there are no guarantees. There are a huge number of applicants for the few spaces available and so you really need to shine! I wish you all the best though and hope that you will see your dreams fulfilled.

  • Hi guys.... so glad i bumped into this page 
    I wanna know what do they most consider at the GEMP  is the WAPT  or previous academic perfomance.

    Hi Sipesihle,

    Your academic performance over the last two years of study of your completed degree is the most important factor in the selection decision.  If you have a 3-year Bachelor's degree then it is the average of your 2nd and 3rd year of study.  If you have a 4-year Honours degree (or equivalent) then it is the average of your 3rd and 4th years of study. 

    All the other criteria, including the WAPT, are considered minimum requirements.  In other words: you need to meet the English and Mathematics requirements, you must have completed the first year university Science requirement subjects (Physics, Chemistry and Biology), and you must demonstrate sufficient knowledge of Anatomy, Physiology and Molecular Medicine by passing the WAPT.  But your WAPT mark does not influence your chances of being accepted.  Everyone who meets the minimum requirements (including passing the WAPT) gets ranked based on their academic results, and places are offered to the top ranked applicants.

    The competition is tough but if it is your dream, you can do it.  I wrote and passed the WAPT last year - it was a lot of work to cover but entirely possible.  Just remember to balance your preparation for the WAPT with your academic studies (if you are still completing your degree).  Ensuring you get the best possible academic results in your degree studies is the best thing you can do to improve your chances.

    Hope this helps.  All the best.

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