#UnemployedDoctors: No posts for medical interns in 2018

There are not enough posts in the public health sector available for junior doctors to complete their internships in 2018. The Junior Doctors Association of South Africa (Judasa) started the #unemployeddoctors campaign to raise awareness to their plight.

Judasa is a group under the South African Medical Association (Sama) that represents the interests, needs and challenges of junior doctors.

To qualify as an independent practitioner in South Africa, medical graduates have to complete an internship and a period of community service at a public hospital. Young graduates have not been able to find placement due to an ongoing lack of available posts.

Judasa Western Cape chairperson Farah Jawitz told The Daily Vox Judasa has been following the application process that started for this years doctors for 2018. Applications were supposed to start in May but opened mid-August due to the delay because the previous year’s doctors had not yet been placed.

One hundred and fifty doctors were not placed at the end of the application cycle in December last year. This was cited as due to difficulties with a new online application system for internship and community service posts launched last year and because universities supposedly had not submitted numbers of prospective graduates. Jawitz said last year’s batch of doctors have all managed to find placement, some as late as September this year.

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