The Waste Of Doctors Waiting On Tables And Answering Phones

'Instead of saving lives in hospital, 27-year-old Sherwin Prim, who spent 10 years qualifying as a doctor at the University of the Witwatersrand, is in jobless limbo.

This is Prim’s depressing lot since he finished his internship on April 30 in Cape Town. The Department of Health (DOH) told him there was a delay over the allocation of posts in community service and internship positions, the next stage in his career.

“Fortunately, my mom has taken me in and I still have my car,” he says.

Every day Prim hopes for a post before his life savings run out – a reality unimaginable when he moved down from Johannesburg to take up a bright future as an intern two years ago at the Tygerberg Hospital.

“I can’t practice as a doctor at the moment. It is illegal. It would be against our professional regulations… I can only do so once I have completed my community service,” says Prim.

The rules say doctors need to intern for two years, after graduation, plus complete a year of community service to be allowed to operate within the law. According to the DOH, posts open in two cycles. Once at the beginning of the year, to accommodate those who have qualified in the standard period, and in mid-year for those who qualify later.'

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