I wanted to be a doctor, studied a BSc (Hons), now I work in IT

I've covered my attempts to get in to medicine here, but not becoming a doctor wasn't the end of the world. Sure it was disappointing and hard to move on but things have turned out okay so far. There is life outside of medicine!

I enrolled for first year electrical engineering after physiology honors but I was totally burnt out and got sick with glandular fever. The head of school advised me that he would hold a place for me to re-apply the following year if I dropped out. I took his advice, but during the course of the year I decided to do the 1 year Postgraduate Diploma in Business Management at Wits Business School, instead of trying to start a 4 year degree from scratch.

The PDM gave me exposure to the world of business and encouraged me to carve out my own niche outside of medicine. I soon learned that the skills of being able to do thorough research, collect and make sense of data and apply the scientific method have huge application to just about every business process or problem. Right now I'm working as a computer programmer and so I fix things (instead of people) every day, but my work still goes a long way to ultimately help the people I work with and the people who use the products that we build. I'm not working on anything medical, but I am using technologies like Perl that played a huge part in mapping the human genome. It would be amazing to step into a field where I could marry health sciences with technology, who knows what the future holds?

Unfortunately I am not able to offer any first hand insight into studying medicine or being a doctor. But I can sympathise with people who are hoping to follow the dream and I can empathise with those who might have to let it go and find their niche elsewhere. I've set up this online forum in the spirit of helping people - So I hope that you enjoy it and find it useful and are able to help others in this community too, whatever stage of the doctoring process you may be in.

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